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From Faculty

Thomas Christiansen (Maastricht University, the Netherlands)

The International Summer Semester at SKKU is a unique occasion for students from all over the world to come together, to study a range of topical subjects while exploring the great city of Seoul and learning about the ancient, as well as the modern culture of Korea. For me, as a professor teaching a course on international relations, it has been an incredible experience to discuss the key issues in world politics with students from many diverse backgrounds. The truly international character of the ISS obliges all participants to re-examine their beliefs and to examine global challenges from a variety of perspectives, creating a perfect learning environment.


Navrati Saxena (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

The SKKU ISS presents a tremendous opportunity for participants to delve into current issues at the interface of society, technology, and globalization. I am excited by the prospect of meeting all of you!


Fei-Ling Wang (Georgia Tech, US)

SKKU's International Summer School provides  a good blend of multi-nation and multi-culture faculty and students. To the participants from many countries, it is an exciting opportunity to appreciate Korea and also to sample the latest, diverse scholarship in a hospitable environment centrally located in the vibrant metropolis of Seoul.