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Program Overview


The International Summer Semester (ISS) is an unforgettable four week summer experience. By bringing together students and faculty from Korea and around the world, the ISS is not only academically stimulating; it also offers an opportunity to make new friends and discover Seoul and Korea.


The Humanities and Social Sciences Campus of Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) is located within the traditional city center of Seoul, one of Asia’s largest, safest and most dynamic cities. Seoul is home to some of Asia’s best universities, as well as a quarter of the entire Korean population.


SKKU's Natural Sciences Campus is located in northern Suwon, home to many innovative start-up and spin-off companies, as well as Samsung Electronics, the world's largest technology company. Surrounded by greenery and served by its own subway station, the Suwon Campus offers a relaxed environment and easy access to southern Seoul.


The summer of 2016 marks the 9th ISS at SKKU. Since 2008 the ISS has been organized around current and multidisciplinary themes, such as “Culture, Business and Technology in East Asia” (2008), “Recovery & Prosperity: Post Crisis & New Future” (2010), and “Global Synergy: Innovating through collaboration” (2016). These themes are intended to inspire rather than restrict students’ academic initiative. Classes focus on the theme and many other interesting subjects.