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Title [ISS 2017] Information About Lectures (강의실, 개강-종강일, 수업시간)
분류 News
Writer intl Date 2017-06-26 Hit 1494

Dear students,


hereby attached you can find the lecture room information for the ISS 2017 lectures. The same information can also be found on your GLS account, on the [ISS/WISE 수강신청] page (for SKKU students only).


Please check your class time and period again so you do not miss out on lectures.


* Class Period (개강일-종강일)

   - June 27 (Tuesday) - July 17 (Monday)

   - 성균관대학교 학생들은 이 수업기간동안만 성실히 참여해주시면 됩니다.

* Class Time (Monday - Friday)

   - Morning Session (09:00~11:45)

   - Afternoon Session (13:00~15:45)

   - Evening Session (16:00~18:45) 


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