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A variety of accommodation options are available to students attending the ISS. These options include the regular SKKU dormitories, Daehangno dormitory and off-campus accommodation. The cost of accommodation for a shared room for the duration of the summer semester is 650,000 KRW.

SKKU Dormitories

SKKU manages a number of dormitories. All SKKU dormitories are either located on campus or within a 20-minute commute (by walk or public transportation). Students who choose the SKKU dormitories will be randomly assigned rooms and roommates. Click HERE for dormitory rules and regulations.

For more information, please refer to our dormitory website: http://dorm.skku.edu/en_skku_seoul/


Room Facilities





Capacity: 2 students / 1 room * 65 rooms

Bed(2), Desk(2), Chair(2), Wardrobes(2), Airconditioner, Toilet, Shower Booth,

Internet (via LAN cable or WI-FI)

Public Facilities

Water Purifier, Vacuum Cleaner, Laundry Machine, Driers (1,000 KRW per load), Iron

Public Kitchen (1F) : Refrigerator, Microwave, Rice Cooker, Dishware, Dish sterilizer



Room Facilities





Capacity: 2 students / 1 room * 123 rooms

Bed(2), Desk(2), Chair(2), Wardrobes(2), Airconditioner, Toilet, Shower Booth,

Internet (via LAN cable or WI-FI)

Public Facilities

Water Purifier, Vacuum Cleaner, Laundry Machine, Driers (1,000 KRW per load), Vending Machines, Microwave




Each room has central air conditioning and rooms are shared by two people of the same gender. Unfortunately due to high demand we cannot provide single rooms.



All dormitories are located near cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores and are easily accessible via public transport.

Room Keys

There is a deposit of 10,000 KRW for the room key. Before leaving, please remember to return your key and pick up your deposit.


※ For those applying to stay in the SKKU dormitory, please be informed that all dormitories will only be available for the

     duration of the ISS. Students who arrive early should arrange their own accommodations. As regular-semester

     students use their dorms until the ISS begins, we cannot accommodate you before the ISS starts. The exact date of

     check-in and check-out for the dorms will be notified in the near future.

※ SKKU dormitory space is limited, so please make your tuition and dormitory payment as early as possible to secure

     your space.

  • ※ All students are assigned to their dormitories and rooms by a random computer lottery process. 
Other Accommodations

There is a wide range of affordable tourist accommodations around Seoul. Listed below are links to accommodation that have been approved by the Seoul Metropolitan Government under its tourism quality control system.

The system assures accommodation is properly licensed, of high quality, fairly priced and have English-speaking staff members. Some of the options available include:


  • Traditional Houses
    You can stay in a traditional Korean “Hanok” house. There are several in Bukchon Hanok Village, not far from SKKU.
  • Youth Hostels
    Some of the youth hostels impose a limit on how long you can stay there, so you may not be able to stay for the entire duration of the ISS.
  • Guest Houses
    Guest houses are an inexpensive accommodation option that allows guests to meet other foreign tourists. Many guest houses are remodeled family homes (generally with a shared kitchen and shared bathrooms) and are nearby downtown areas and tourist destinations. The price for one night is usually around 20,000-30,000  KRW. As guest houses are generally seen as a budget option, services and facilities offered may vary from place to place.

  • Budget Hotels
  • The most prevalent types of accommodation in Korea are motels and yeogwans. These types of accommodation are found around bus terminals and train stations in large cities. They are inexpensive and reservations are not required (unless it is peak season or a holiday).
  • Home Stay: KoreaStay
    KoreaStay is a homestay program certified by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), allowing visitors to experience daily Korean life by staying with a local family.
  • * For more information, please visit http://stay.visitseoul.net/eng/index.html.