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Q. I would like to take ISS courses. What are the requirements in order to register for the ISS?

All undergraduate students in universities can apply for the ISS courses. If students have accepted admissions for the college entrance in the following semester, then they can submit an admission letter instead of transcripts.

Q. When will I get a notification of the result of my application?

The result of admission will be notified via email within 2 weeks from the completion of the payment.

Q. What is the Extra Korean Language Class that the ISS offers as an extracurricular activity?

The ISS offers an optional class to let foreign students learn basic Korean Language for 35,000 KRW which includes course materials. This course is a very good chance to learn survival Korean from introducing many useful phrases with super helpful tips and explanations for those who want to travel or live in Korea. 


Since this course may be cancelled if it does not meet a minimum enrollment requirement, the class schedule will be posted again before the semester begins. The schedule is tentative every year.

Q. How do I know which level of the Korean Language Course to apply for?

Korean Language proficiency tests are given on the first day of class. The level can be changed depending on your test result.

Q. Are meals included in the housing fee?

Since the ISS program does not provide any meal plans, it is not included in the housing fee. Students can buy meals at several cafeterias located in campus. There is an "Eunhanggol" on the B1F in 600th Anniversary Hall and "Geumjandi" on the B2F in the Business Hall where you can buy continental/Korean style meals ranging from KRW 3,000 to KRW 5,000. Also, there is an array of mini-restaurants and bars on and off campus selling meals and food.

Q. How can I transfer ISS credits to my home university/institute?

This is the responsibility of students to inquire with their university/institute about recognizing the ISS credits and its process. SKKU only provides information on the grading system, course syllabus, and academic policy of the ISS. Therefore, all ISS participants who wish to transfer SKKU ISS credit are advised to contact their academic advisor at their home university in advance, to ensure the ISS credits are transferred successfully. If you want to see universities that have recognized the ISS credits in the past, please refer to the Academic Policies on the homepage.


Q. When do I receive my transcript?

Official transcripts and Certificate of Completion will be given on the last day of the program.