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Welcome to Sungkyunkwan University's (SKKU) International Summer Semester (ISS) !


As one of Asia’s oldest yet most cutting-edge research universities, SKKU connects the past, present, and future through a unique balance of tradition and innovation. In the pursuit of becoming a world-renowned university, the ISS is one of the most important channels of global academic exchange since its establishment in 2008. 


By offering the most comprehensive and innovative program in Korea, the ISS has been successfully appealing to students that are interested in looking beyond borders. The ISS has become one of the most successful and diverse summer programs in Asia, receiving 1,471 students from 31 different countries in 2016.


I am certain that the ISS is a truly unique and fun experience for the summer. The ISS will not only provide excellent academic programs, but also help you to take a journey of personal and collaborative discovery by taking place on the historical site in Seoul.


This summer I invite you to become a part of SKKU’s 600+ year legacy. Experience the diversity and dynamism of Asia first-hand and discover Seoul, one of the world’s greatest cities. The Korean and international students as well as the faculty that you will meet here will provide you with an exceptional opportunity to broaden your horizons and to make new and lasting friendships.



Kyu Sang CHUNG

President, Sungkyunkwan University